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The Right Touch
Written by Sandy Kleven, LCSW
Illustrated by Jody Bergsma

Reading Level: Ages 3-10
Pages: 32
Binding: hardcover
Size: 8.5" x 11"
ISBN: 978-0-935699-10-4

About the Author
Sandy Kleven, a licensed clinical social worker, has assisted families for more than twenty years. Her activities in sexual abuse prevention include the creation of an Emmy Award-winning docudrama, The Touching Problem. For five years she served as director of the SOAPBox Players, an acclaimed prevention theatre group in Bellingham, Washington. She has also written Talk About Touch.
About the Illustrator
An internationally acclaimed artist, Jody Bergsma is known for her excellence in a wide variety of styles. Jody's work was inspired by her visits to Alaska, the Queen Charlotte Islands, and Washington's Olympic Penninsula, where she studied the coastal tribes, their mythology and art forms. Jody has written and illustrated the DragonFire Trilogy (Dragon,  WizardFaerie) as well as illustrating two other books(DreambirdsSky Castle).
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Reaching beyond the usual scope of children’s picture books, this read-aloud story explores a very sensitive topic, providing preventative education against the very real danger of inappropriate touching and sexual abuse. A gentle, respectful resource for parents and caregivers, this book empowers children to trust their internal warning systems. It is a perfect choice for starting discussions on this important but uncomfortable subject.

In this simple story, Jimmy’s mom calmly helps him understand the difference between positive touches and negative touches, even among family members. She teaches him how to resist touching that is secret, deceptive, or forced, affirming that abuse is never a child’s fault. 
The Right Touch is a vitally important book for maintaining a child’s safety and well-being. Used by parents, teachers, social workers, and counselors worldwide, The Right Touch was awarded the 1999 Benjamin Franklin Parenting Award, was a finalist for the Small Press Award, and was also selected as “Outstanding” by the Parent Council, Ltd. 

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