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Too Many Murkles
Written by Heidi Charissa Schmidt
Illustrated by Mary Gregg Byrne

Reading Level: Ages 5-9
Pages: 32
Binding: hardcover
Size: 11" x 8.5"
ISBN: 978-0-9701907-7-2

Every spring, the people of Summerville gather at the shore to prevent the dreaded murkles from entering their town. This year, there are more murkles than ever, and the townspeople are struggling to hold them back. When a sympathetic girl named Juliana allows just one to pass through, she discovers something quite wonderful! But will the adults in the community give her—and the murkles—a chance?

Written by Heidi Charissa Schmidt and illustrated by Mary Gregg Byrne, this imaginative tale will delight children and adults alike as the citizens of Summerville learn to open their minds to different perspectives and to withhold making judgments. Along the way, the town discovers that things are not always as they seem, and that sometimes a distressing situation may really be a blessing in disguise.

Too Many Murkles was a finalist for the Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Children’s Book. 

​About the Illustrator
Mary Gregg Byrne’s love affair with art began when she was a little girl. Although she is well-versed in a variety of crafts and fine arts, watercolor is her primary media. Inspired by the beauty of the human face, Mary especially enjoys painting people. She has illustrated both One Smile and One Voice for Illumination Arts.
​About the Author
Heidi Charissa Schmidt says,  "I think being a writer picks you as much as you pick it. I've always felt a need to capture the ideas whirling around inside my brain and pin them down on paper." Holding degrees in both music and education, Heidi is the creator of Kidshine, a multi-sensory tutoring program for elementary school students. Heidi lives in Ottawa, Ontario, with her daughter, Kira.

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