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Wings Within
Written by Franklin Hill, Ph.D.
Illustrated by Aries Cheung

Reading Level: Ages 4-8
Pages: 32
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 11" x 9"
ISBN: 978-0-615-50779-8

Life in the cove is always changing and Myrtle wants to change, too. She is tired of being a plain old sea turtle, and longs to have big beautiful butterfly wings, so she can fly like her best friend Anew. Convinced that her shell is just like a cocoon, Myrtle begins thinking butterfly thoughts and even tries wiggling like a caterpillar. But nothing seems to work and her frustration grows. Only after danger visits the cove does Myrtle finally look within herself to discover that her own unique wings were there all along. All creatures have Wings to set them free. I have found the Wings that are right for ME. This second book in Dr. Franklin Hill’s Change Series will inspire readers young and old to find their own Wings Within and discover what makes each one of us so unique and special. 

About the Author
DR. Franklin Hill, formerly a public school teacher, is now an internationally recognized educational futurist who specializes in planning new school facilities. He has participated in the design of over 300 schools worldwide, including the Disney Celebration School near Orlando, Florida. Whether he is consulting with educators or speaking at professional conferences, Dr. Hill uses heartwarming stories to help people to embrace their own unique talents and qualities. He can be reached via
About the Illustrator
A professional artist and illustrator for over twenty years, Aries Cheung specializes in oil and watercolor painting, pencil drawing, and digital media. His uniquely designed artwork has been exhibited at shows in Hong Kong and Canada, while his colorful illustrations have been featured in books and magazines, as well as on television. Aries loves to experiment by creating exceptionally vibrant, whimsical characters for children. This is evident in his earlier Illumination Arts titles, Wings of Change and The Bonsai Bear. He can be reached via
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